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Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation

A workplace revolution is underway, one that is stimulating new methods of thinking, behaving, communicating, and doing business as Generation Y continues to infiltrate the workplace and influence corporate culture. This revolution is lead by approximately 60 million Gen Yers, the largest bloc to hit the workforce since the 72 million baby boomers. Company owners and managers are worried, because this generation has created its own unique culture…and demands. Y in the Workplace illustrates how the values, attitudes, and expectations of Generation Y have had an impact on corporate environments, intergenerational functioning, and management strategies.

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Managing Generation Y

Here they come: the fourteenth generation of Americans. Self-confident and optimistic. Independent and goal-oriented. Masters of the Internet and PC. Young adults who believe education is cool, integrity is admirable, and parents are role models. They’re blunt. They’re savvy. They’re contradictory. They’re the children of Baby Boomers and the upbeat younger siblings of Gen X. They are the 29 million young adults born between 1978 and 1984 streaming into the workplace whose presence will continue to grow each year for the next ten years. They are Generation Y. With three to four job experiences or internships under their belts, the Gen Yers know what they want from their careers and how they want to be managed. They pose new challenges for organizations that are already spending time, energy, and money recruiting and training young talent. What can you expect from Gen Y?. If you liked Gen X employees, you’re going to love Gen Yers. They are like Xers on fast-forward with self-esteem. Like their older siblings, talented Yers are independent and techno-savvy. They are entrepreneurial, outside-the-box thinkers who relish responsibility, demand immediate feedback, and expect a sense of accomplishment hourly. They thrive on challenging work and creative expression, love freedom and flexibility, and hate micromanagement. They are fiercely loyal to managers that are knowledgeable, caring coaches that can mentor them to achieve their goals. What does Gen Y expect from you?. Ongoing research indicates that the fourteenth generation has expectations of their bosses such as: Provide challenging work that matters; Balance clearly delegated assignments with the freedom and flexibility to produce results in their own way; Reward accomplishments with increased responsibility; Provide ongoing training and learning opportunities; Establish mentoring relationships. Managing Genertion Y is for those who want to become the employer of choice for the next cohort of young adults. Discover the Gen Y traits that pose the greatest challenges to managers as well as the best practices you can implement now to keep these upbeat, techno-savvy workers focused and motivated.

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25 Ways to Motivate Generation y: A Pocketbook Guide

Gen Yers are making waves Like it or not, Gen Y workers are here to stay. They are truly the workforce of the future. Employers across all industries must understand and appreciate the qualities and values of younger workers in order to recruit, motivate, and retain them. This book explores the motivational needs of Gen Y and their impact in the workplace. It also provides 25 ways to motivate Gen Y in the workplace.

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