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Y in the Workplace: Managing the “Me First” Generation

Flip-flops, iPods, MySpace, “Dude,” Instant Messaging. Whatever happened to dress shoes, sir/ma’am, in-person meetings, and traditional work etiquette? A workplace revolution is underway, one that is stimulating new methods of thinking, behaving, communicating, and doing business as Generation Y continues to infiltrate the workplace and influence corporate culture. This revolution is lead by approximately 60 million Gen Yers, the largest bloc to hit the workforce since the 72 million baby boomers. Company owners and managers are worried, because this generation has created its own unique culture…and demands. Y in the Workplace illustrates how the values, attitudes, and expectations of Generation Y have had an impact on corporate environments, intergenerational functioning, and management strategies. To help this generation successfully transition into the workplace while creating a shared vision, authors Lipkin and Perrymore provide you, the manager, with the following: * Psychological insight into the character of this generation.
* Strengths and challenges that Generation Y is bringing to the workplace.
* Coaching strategies and ways to harness their strengths, minimize their weaknesses, and illuminate their talents.
* Hope about their abilities as supervisors and managers, and about their positive impact on the future of your company. Whether you are a small business owner, manager, HR professional, or teacher working with Generation Y, this book is a must-read to gain insight into why this generation is the way it is, how to help them become the best they can be, and how to integrate them into your company and work with them.

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The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace

The definitive guide to turning the Millennials’ great expectations into even greater results The Millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 2000) has rapidly entered the workforce in greater numbers, but its introduction to the workplace has been anything but seamless. In fact, many companies already report attention-grabbing stories about: the mother who called HR to complain when her Millennial daughter got a mediocre performance review; the new hire who dialed the CEO directly to tell him what the company could be doing better; the young employee who revealed a confidential new product on her Facebook page before it was made public. Clashes like these are happening in workplaces around the world, and they leave leaders and coworkers scratching their heads and wondering, “What do these Millennials want? Why are they so different? How do we get the good ones in the door? How do we keep them there without alienating the other generations?” Going forward, a company’s success will depend upon knowing the answers to these questions, because they are the keys to motivating this new generation and to taking advantage of the amazing potential it possesses. In The M-Factor, Baby Boomer Lynne Lancaster and Generation Xer David Stillman draw on cutting-edge case studies, findings from large-scale surveys, and hundreds of interviews to identify the seven trends essential for understanding and managing the Millennials: the role of the parents, entitlement, the search for meaning, great expectations, the need for speed, social networking, and collaboration. Observant, humorous, and savvy, this book—the ultimate guide to Millennials in the workplace—offers valuable insights and practical, take-action tips and solutions that Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen Xers, and even Millennials can use to bridge generational gaps, be more productive, and achieve organizational success like never

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Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in Your Workplace

At no point in history have so many different generations of employees worked side by side, and they’re not always happy about it. This guide explains the differences in values and views, ways of working, talking, and thinking of four distinct generations.

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Retiring the Generation Gap: How Employees Young and Old Can Find Common Ground (J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership))

Written in a highly accessible (and often witty) style, this groundbreaking book addresses a number of generational issues. Deal provides a description of each issue, a summary of the relevant research results, a principle that can be applied to resolve (or at least mitigate) the issue, and practical advice for applying the principle in the workplace.  Applying these principles will help everyone to work with, work for, attract, manage, retain, and develop leaders of all generations.

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The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation is Shaking Up the Workplace

The first wave of the Millennial Generation—born between 1980 and 2001—is entering the work force, and employers are facing some of the biggest management challenges they’ve ever encountered. They are trying to integrate the most demanding and most coddled generation in history into a workplace shaped by the driven baby-boom generation. Like them or not, the millennials are America future work force. They are actually a larger group than the boomers—92 million vs. 78 million.The millennials are truly trophy kids, the pride and joy of their parents who remain closely connected even as their children head off to college and enter the work force. Millennials are a complex generation, with some conflicting characteristics. Although they’re hard working and achievement oriented, most millennials don’t excel at leadership and independent problem solving. They want the freedom and flexibility of a virtual office, but they also want rules and responsibilities to be spelled out explicitly. “It’s all about me,” might seem to be the mantra of this demanding bunch of young people, yet they also tend to be very civic-minded and philanthropic.This book will let readers meet the millennials and learn how this remarkable generation promises to stir up the workplace and perhaps the world. It provides a rich portrait of the millennials, told through the eyes of millennials themselves and from the perspectives of their parents, educators, psychologists, recruiters, and corporate managers. Clearly, the millennials represent a new breed of student, worker, and global citizen, and this book explores in depth their most salient attributes, particularly as they are playing out in the workplace. It also describes how companies are changing tactics to recruit millennials in the Internet age and looks at some of this generation’s dream jobs.

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The M-factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace

This ultimate guide to Millennials in the workplace offers valuable insight and practical tips on how Boomers, Gen Xers, and even Millennials themselves can bridge generational gaps, be more productive, and achieve organizational success like never before.

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Generations, Inc.: From Boomers to Linksters–Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work

Members of each generation share special signposts: collective experiences that influence our expectations, actions, and mind-sets. They also mold our ideas about company loyalty, work ethic, and the definition of a job well done. And now that five different generations are working together simultaneously from Traditionals to Generation Y and beyond it’s even more important to understand where every one’s coming from. Written by two generational experts who happen to be father and daughter, “Generations, Inc.” offers the perspectives of people of different eras, eliciting practical insights on wrestling with generational issues in the workplace. The book provides Baby Boomers and Linksters alike with practical techniques. “Generations, Inc.” provides realistic strategies for all those managers, executives, and employees seeking to coexist, flourish, and thrive together! at the same time.

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The Kids are Alright: How the Gamer Generation is Changing the Workplace

Think video games are kids’ stuff? Think again. According to authors John C. Beck and Mitchell Wade all those hours immersed in game culture have created masses of employees with unique attributes. This new generation that’s ninety-million strong has an amazing ability to multitask, solves problems creatively, and brings unexpected leadership to the table. But to tap these skills, we need to understand and appreciate the different ways gamers think and behave. “The Kids Are Alright” dispels common myths about gamers and reveals them as committed, team-oriented people who play to win.

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Get Your Shift Together, The Secret to Working With Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Do your co-workers or employees baffle you? Maybe it s because of generational differences. For the first time in history, four generations are working side-by-side in the workplace! Age differences can give rise to worker misunderstanding, which can result in reduced productivity and dissatisfaction in the workplace. From an employee s perspective, being miserable at work is extremely stressful. Studies show that over 70% hate their jobs. Get Your Shift Together is a quick resource for understanding the people you work with. It will help you work more effectively and, more importantly, more enjoyably with your co-workers. From an employer s perspective, the goal is to improve productivity, which improves profit. In today s economic conditions, employers must produce more from fewer employees. Understanding what motivates your employees and knowing how to communicate with and manage them is critical. Get Your Shift Together gives employers a practical guide to understanding each of the four generations in the workplace. Get Your Shift Together provides a prescription that will bring harmony back to your workplace. Share it with your boss and co-workers too!

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When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work

In today’s workplace, the age span of employees can stretch from 18 to 65 – and that often leads to a breakdown in communication among coworkers. Now this informative volume answers three vital questions: what makes workers of different ages tick? Why do generational clashes arise? What’s the best way to handle them? Updated with a new foreword, this insightful guide shows how to solve problems among traditionalists, baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials – and how to recruit, retain, motivate and manage each of them most effectively. A readers’ guide developed by the authors enhances the take away falue of this remarkable book.

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