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Interpersonal Communication: The Whole Story

Drawing upon his own highly contemporary research on affection in relationships, and on the interplay of communication, physiology, and health, Kory Floyd has crafted a down-to-earth, 21st Century perspective on the complex and nuanced enterprise that is interpersonal communication. To reflect the experiences and expectations of today’s multidimensional student population, Interpersonal Communication: The Whole Story addresses a broader range of interpersonal communication contexts than any other book of its kind–by incorporating “dark side” IPC throughout the text and by including deeply diverse populations in its research-based and everyday examples. Floyd describes this as telling “The Whole Story,” (if not a more accurate one) rather than telling just the part that relates to mainstream populations. Throughout the text, Floyd encourages students to go beyond their “intuitive” notions about interpersonal communication, and helps them see the value in investigating relational processes systematically.

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Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters

Intended to be the core text for the introductory interpersonal communication course at two- and four-year colleges and universities in departments of speech, communication, and human relations.

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Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others (6th Edition) (MyCommunicationLab Series)

Recognized for its focus on being “other-oriented” – a focal point that highlights the importance interpersonal interactions – Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others enhances communication competence in a variety of interpersonal relationships and interpersonal contexts. This sixth edition emphasizes the expanding role of technology in interpersonal communication and the implication of its use in our daily relationships and communication with others. Relating to Others also offers exceptional coverage of cultural diversity, to help readers understand and adapt to these differences while learning how to establish common links with other individuals enabling them to build and strengthen relationships in their everyday lives.

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Interpersonal Communication

Now in its sixth edition, Interpersonal Communication continues to help students learn the skills needed to communicate effectively in an increasingly complex environment, while interweaving the most current research and important theories in interpersonal communication.

This edition includes greater coverage of computer-mediated communication all throughout the text, and introduces two new boxed features of high appeal:
·”Research in Review” boxes provide abstracts of recent, key studies in the field
·”Screening Room” boxes look at contemporary films and the interpersonal communication concepts they help to illustrate

In addition to the updating throughout, key revisions in the text include
·Chapter 3, Nonverbal Competence, updates research and reorganizes discussion of nonverbal codes into three categories-visual, auditory, and invisible.
·Chapter 6, Interpretive Competence, includes exciting new research showing connections between the brain and mind, as well as the physical and the social. It also features a new discussion of emotion and motivation, a reorganized treatment of social cognitive schema, and expanded material on listening with a section on emotional intelligence.
·Chapter 9, Goal Competence, has been rewritten and simplified to make explanations of general theories of influence more accessible, and includes more material on how individuals use daily conversation to influence one another.
·Companion Website – – includes discussion questions, test items, additional activities, and handouts previously found in the text

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The Interpersonal Communication Book 12th Edition

The Interpersonal Communication Book provides a highly interactive presentation of the theory, research, and skills of interpersonal communication with integrated discussions of diversity, ethics, workplace issues, face-to-face and computer-mediated communication and the “dark side” of interpersonal communication.    Recognized for its ability to help readers understand the crucial connection between theory and practice, this twelfth edition presents a comprehensive view of the theory and research in interpersonal communication and, at the same time, guides the reader to improve a wide range of interpersonal skills.  The text emphasizes how to choose among those skills and make effective communication choices in a variety of personal, social, and workplace relationships.  Superior coverage of cultural diversity, ethics, interpersonal communication in the workplace, and the integration of face-to-face and computer-mediated communication make The Interpersonal Communication Book the best choice for preparing to communicate successfully in today’s world.

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Interpersonal Communication: A Goals Based Approach

Written by three highly respected scholars, Interpersonal Communication: A Goals-Based Approach is the product of more than 70 combined years of teaching and research excellence. The text provides students with a thorough introduction to the vast body of scholarship in the field while showing how understanding and applying the research helps us achieve our interpersonal communication objectives, whether our goals are self-presentational, relational or instrumental.

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Interpersonal Communication: Competence and Contexts (2nd Edition)

This highly readable book provides interpersonal communication theories, concepts, and applications based on a unique model of communication competence. Studying interpersonal communication through this distinct framework will provide a foundation for readers’ motivation to communicate competently, increase their knowledge about communication, and enhance their acquisition and performance of communication skills. With engaging examples and an attention-getting design, this Second Edition covers a broad range of interpersonal communication themes, including strategic alternatives and solutions to communication challenges.

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Messages: The Communication Skills Book

Many people assume that good communicators possess an intrinsic talent for speaking and listening to others, a “gift of gab” that cannot be taught. The reality is that communication skills are developed slowly and with deliberate effort, and even the most gifted speakers may feel that there is at least one communication skill–say, public speaking–that they just can’t master. Messages is a best-selling classic that has already helped more than 100,000 readers develop communication skills in all areas of life. Now in its third edition, this comprehensive and endlessly practical guide includes a new chapter on couples communication and new information on using validation strategies during conflicts. Topics covered in this book include: active listening, reading body language, developing conflict resolution skills, talking to children, communicating with family members, public speaking, handling group interactions, being interviewed for jobs, and being the interviewer. This book is an invaluable resource that can help any reader develop one of the most important skill sets they have.

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Interpersonal Messages: Communication and Relationship (2nd Edition) (MyCommunicationKit Series)

Updated in a new 2nd edition, Interpersonal Messages stresses the importance of politeness, cultural awareness and ethical principles within daily interpersonal interactions by engaging students with its lively and accessible insight to interpersonal skill development.

By creating a foundation for the reader, Interpersonal Messages gives room to understand the concepts of interpersonal communication and to develop the skills necessary to apply what they’ve learned. With a focus on skill-building, this book helps the reader to understand how to master interpersonal communication and relationship skills.

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Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication

Now in its eleventh edition, Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication provides a comprehensive and engaging introduction to communication in interpersonal relationships. Blending topics of high student interest with rich pedagogy and an inviting visual format, this leading text shows how scholarship and research can help students understand their own relationships and communicate better in everyday life.

* Revised and expanded material discusses hot-button issues including the influence of social networking websites on relationship formation, cultural differences as generalizations, neurobehavioral challenges in perception, linguistic convergence/divergence, the impact of new media on listening, communicating relational commitment, repairing damaged relationships, and constructive criticism.
* New “Dark Side of Communication” sidebars–featured in each chapter–examine the more difficult and challenging issues of interpersonal communication, such as verbal abuse, compulsive talking, cyber-bullying, manipulation, the “silent treatment,” and discrimination based on people’s accents.
* Focus on Research sidebars–twenty of which are new to this edition–highlight current scholarship on important and interesting issues, including the impact of TV makeover shows on viewers’ self-images, impression management in online dating, the phenomenon known as “gaydar,” gender differences in instant messaging habits, and “friends with benefits” relationships.
* A new chapter, “Communication in Families and at Work”–drawn from the previous edition’s appendices–looks at the dynamics of family and work relationships.
* Film Clip sidebars–eighteen of which are new to this edition–profile recent feature films that illustrate communication concepts. Clips include Spanglish (culture and communication), Shark Tale (identity management), Lars and the Real Girl (constructing narratives), The Devil Wears Prada (poor listening habits), The Break-Up (relational stages), and Juno (managing conflict).

* Instructor’s Manual (available in paperback and CD-ROM): Includes an extensive Test Bank and suggested class activities.
* Student Success Manual: Features study tips, chapter outlines and summaries, review questions, key terms, and critical thinking exercises.
* Companion Website: Offers a wealth of resources

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