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Giving Feedback: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges (Pocket Mentor)

Good feedback is essential to helping employees perform better at work. It lets people know when they are meeting or exceeding expectations, and when they need to get back on the right track. This practical guide shows managers how to develop and refine this necessary skill.Good feedback is essential to helping employees perform better at work. It lets people know when they are meeting or exceeding expectations, and when they need to get back on the right track. This practical guide shows managers how to develop and refine this necessary skill.

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What Did You Say?: The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Offering opinions is the second most necessary ingredient for human life. Studies show that we can go only three minutes without air, perhaps three days without water, maybe three weeks without food. . . and but three hours without offering somebody our suggestions, responses, or critiques. A perennial “hot” topic in management circles is the process of giving, getting and analyzing advice. This brief and engaging book can be of use to anyone who has to interact with other people. You’ll enjoy the “read” so much that you may not realize how much you have gained – all in words of one syllable! How to offer feedback when asked (or hired) to do so. Why feedback tells more about the giver than the receiver. How feedback is distorted or resisted by the receiver’s point of view and defense mechanisms. And in dozens of enjoyable vignettes, how humans have struggled to understand each others’ responses.

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Giving and Receiving Feedback (A Fifty-Minute Series Book)

This book shows how to get rid of the negative connotations and use this type of communication as a vehicle for growth.

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Job Feedback: Giving, Seeking, and Using Feedback for Performance Improvement, Second Edition (Applied Psychology Series)

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100 Trait-Specific Comments: A Quick Guide for Giving Constructive Feedback on Student Writing

Providing constructive feedback on writing is essential for helping students improve their skills. With this time-saving tool from writing expert Ruth Culham, you’ll have more than 100 just-right comments at your fingertips. Correlated with student-friendly scoring guides?also included?and organized by trait, Ruth provides responses to writing at three different levels of achievement. The comments give students direction on where to focus their attention and what strategies to try as they revise or begin a new writing project. This tabbed, four-color guide is a must-have for any writing teacher! For use with Grades 3?5.

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Feedback That Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message (J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership))

Whatever level you occupy in an organization, from line manager to senior executive to team leader, the skill of giving meaningful and effective feedback is an important component to helping other people develop and to getting the job done. Creating and delivering a specific message based on observed performance is key to effective feedback. Your feedback should enable the receiver to walk away understanding exactly what he or she did and what impact it had on you. When the result is this specific and this direct, there is a better chance that the person getting the feedback will be motivated to begin, continue, or stop behaviors that affect performance. This guidebook explains how to deliver effective feedback by showing how to build your message, when to deliver it, and how to communicate it. By using the methods and examples in this guidebook, your feedback becomes a tool for development—for others and for yourself.

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Harvard Business Review Guide to Giving Effective Feedback

Are you struggling with a problem employee? Worried about losing your star performer to competitors? Do you dread annual performance appraisals? Praying for a reorg to relieve you of that slacker isn’t the answer–frequent feedback is. Brimming with actionable advice on everything from delivering detailed on-the-spot feedback to determining if your employee is ready for a promotion, this guide will give you the tools and confidence you need to master giving effective feedback. Whether your employees are on track or off base, learn how to: incorporate ongoing feedback into your daily interactions with employees; highlight the impact of your employee’s behavior on his team and the larger organization; coach your star performer to the next level; reinforce organizational values and goals with recognition of individuals’ performance; deliver constructive criticism without generating anger or defensiveness; transform performance appraisals from dreaded meetings into catalysts for growth; and motivate your people even when financial times are tough.

This collection includes: “Giving Effective Feedback: Why and How;” “Feedback That Works;” “Giving a High Performer Productive Feedback;” “Are You Using Recognition Effectively?;” “A Better Way to Deliver Bad News;” “The Set-Up-to-Fail Syndrome;” “The Double Meaning of ‘Feedback’;” “Stop Worrying About Your Employees’ Weaknesses;” “Formal Performance Appraisals;” “Appraising Employee Performance in a Downsized Organization;” “Making Sure Your People Succeed: How to Set and Support Employee Goals;” “When to Reward Employees with More Responsibility and Money;” “How to Navigate Bonus Season; and Tips for Record Keeping.”

Harvard Business Review Guides are for busy professionals looking for quick answers to common challenges. They’re packed with useful tips and practical advice in a brief, easy-to-read format. Whether you’re looking to expand your skills or refresh your existing ones, these guides offer reliable answers to your most pressing problems.Are you struggling with a problem employee? Worried about losing your star performer to

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Job Feedback: Giving, Seeking, and Using Feedback for Performance Improvement (Applied Psychology)

This book demonstrates how managers can be more effective in gathering and processing performance information about subordinates, making ratings on performance appraisals and multisource feedback surveys, and feeding back this information in a way that is nonthreatening and leads to productive changes in behavior. It also shows how employees can gather, accept, and use meaningful performance information from appraisals, surveys, and informal discussions to change their own behavior. In doing so, the volume suggests how human resource practitioners and training professionals can help managers give and use feedback more effectively.

Five years have elapsed since the first edition of Job Feedback was published. This revision covers the following updates in the field:
*new theory and research on organizational performance management;
*new methods for linking strategic planning with individual goal setting and development;
*the emergence of globalization and cross-cultural factors affecting performance evaluations and the use of technology to collect performance data; and
*new chapters on person perception, multisource feedback, team feedback, and feedback in multicultural organizations.

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