The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference


Discover the real power of understanding your clients spoken and unspoken communication. Maximise your client relationship building skills through applying the understanding of rapport building, body language, learning styles, personality types and many other highly effective communication principles and techniques.

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Boost Your Business Relationship Building Savvy with The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference.

Discover the Easy Way to Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills with The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference. Written by Australian Interpersonal Skills Specialist, Mark Coburn, this 4 part eBook series is jam packed with literally hundreds of powerful tips, topics and techniques. They will boost your interpersonal communication skills and change the way you relate to your clients and customers.

This book reveals the techniques and strategies around building rapport, understanding your client’s body language, learning styles and personality types. Besides that, you will have access to a powerful 4 step relationship building process. It is designed to improve your customer relationship effectiveness and increase your prospect to client conversion rate.

Here’s what you get:

  • The art of matching behaviour and building rapport
  • Understanding the 3 major types of effective communication (words, vocals and body language) and how important each type is
  • Asking powerful questions with purpose
  • Understanding what are they communicating but not speaking
  • How to notice, understand and deal with unpleasant or manipulative handshakes
  • The “dos” and “don’ts” – meeting your client for the first time
  • Realise the 4 different learning modes and styles of your client, visual(V), auditory(A), kinesthetic(K) and auditory digital(aD).
  • Their strengths, what they respond well to
  • What distracts or bores them and their challenges
  • Key words and phrases they say and how you can speak their language
  • What their appearance is telling you
  • What is revealed by their career and industry type
  • Understanding the 4 different personality types of your client, dominant(D), inspiring(I), steady(S) and conscientious(C).
  • Their main characteristics and strengths
  • Key phrases and questions they might use
  • Understanding their unsupportive traits, dislikes and biggest fears
  • What leads them towards and how they make decisions
  • The 15 key elements of trust and how to make first contact with your client
  • How to classify your clients and 8 great ways to keep in touch with them
  • Powerful active listening strategies, paraphrasing, and how to provide empowering feedback
  • Blocks to effective listening, proposing the solution, and setting up easy decisions for your client
  • Managing objections and getting your client’s commitment type
  • Maintaining mutually beneficial client relationships over time

Who will Benefit?

The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference is for people in business who are in constant contact with other professionals. Most importantly, here are just a few examples of how certain people will benefit:

  • Business Development Managers – Better networking skills, proposal presentation skills and long term customer relationships
  • Sales Consultants – Increased prospect to client conversion rates
  • CEOs, Managers and Team Leaders – Improved leadership and interpersonal communication skills with team members and other work colleagues
  • Human Resources Consultants – Increased awareness of people’s behavioural styles to better match staff into new teams and projects
  • Recruitment Consultants – Ability to “keep” more candidates and increase the number of job placements by matching the right person for the position
  • Call Centre Consultants – More capable of retaining a potential customer on the phone
The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference
The Interpersonal Communication Complete Reference