Interpersonal Communication

Discover the importance of interpersonal communication your clients use and what gestures you can put into practice to communicate more effectively. You will also learn how to become a master communicator by using your voice in a pleasant way that gets great results for everyone.

Tap into the uncommon knowledge of people’s senses and learning styles. You will uncover many of the secrets of how to present more effectively to a visual, auditory, kinesthetic or auditory digital person in business. Learn the techniques and strategies around building rapport, understanding your client’s body language, learning styles and personality types.

Learn the art of matching behaviour and building rapport. Understand the 3 major types of effective communication and how important each type is. Asking powerful questions with purpose is key. Discover how to understand common gestures and what the other person is communicating but not speaking.

Just imagine knowing how to understand and deal with unpleasant or manipulative handshakes.

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