Going for a job interview and do not know how to prepare! Well, here are some points which you must consider while going for the job interview. Giving an interview is not any simple task. Remember that the interview is not any general conversation, but is a test to assess you. Going for an interview without any preparation will land you in trouble and will create the wrong impression that can spoil your future employment chances. You must be well prepared for the interview.

Before the Interview

Before going for a job interview, collect all the data about the employing company. Visit the web sites and take note of necessary information about the company. Write down the standard type of questions you will likely be asked by the interviewer. Prepare for your answers. Write your answers based on the facts and your qualifications, as the outcome from the interview is dependent on how you answer the questions and how well you present and promote yourself.

Know your ‘Why”, Strengths and Weaknesses

Always be ready to be able to say why you are looking for this job, why you want to do this job in this particular organization. Be ready for questions like what your weakness and strengths are, what are your best achievements are, what you really want to accomplish as a career, and what your experience tells you. The answers to these type of questions should be informative and you must justify your points in details. Point out some examples by which you can best describe your answers.

Know the Terms of Employment and the Company

Then get the handbook of company’s terms and conditions. Go through it properly and you can save your time at the time of interview. Be ready to substantiate evidence for what you have accomplished, to help put you ahead of your competitors. Make sure your resume or CV is up to date and keep it very clean and noteworthy. Carry your latest updated resume with you even if already given to the interviewer. Always carry more than one copy of your resume with you.

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Try to collect and remember the company relevant issues. Prepare some questions to ask about the company role and related topics. Search for the company’s trade and research company policies. You can ask any doubts if you have any in your mind.

Get Clear on your Goals and be Honest

Always review your aim, short-term goals, and long term goals. Speak honestly and clearly. Be energetic and build rapport with the interviewer. Make sure that you have at least two or three good references, which will put you one-step ahead of the other candidates. Always have a positive mind set, be enthusiastic and focused. Think of various strategies to deal positively with the flaws you have. Try to get some personality tests. Personality tests shows your merits and weak points, and be able to act positively from the results.

Final Preparation

Dress properly and wear a good combination of formals. Be confident and look smart.


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