So, what are interpersonal skills? Did you realize that sales success, negotiating, achieving goals, working relationships, dating and personal relationships and so much more relies mostly on your ability to communicate well? Learning to master your or otherwise known as communication skills can be the difference that makes the difference.

But what are Interpersonal Skills?

They are the core skills we use to interact with other people in our everyday life and indeed for the rest of our lives. Again, sometimes referred to as communication skills, people skills or soft skills, they are the skills we use via our words, our voice and our body language to communicate our message to others. As we enter the world we naturally model these skills from other people and as we grow we continue to create and develop our own unique styles of communication. These skills will have been learned mainly unconsciously.


Did you realize…that only around 7% of human communication is perceived by the receiver via the we speak? Amazingly 38% is via our and the way in which we say something, and a whopping 55% is through our language! Still, how many of us actually study the factors that control over half of our communication?

What other Benefits are there to Improving my Interpersonal Skills?

The results of learning advanced communication skills therefore enhancing your ability to interact well with others can be amazing, not to mention the impact it can have on your company or working environment if the team were to advance in these skills. Here are just some of the advantages…

  • Less stress and frustration, more understanding and co-operation
  • Less conflict and disagreement, a deeper sense of trust, support and productivity
  • Less uncertainty and negativity, an increase in confidence, energy, focus and productivity
  • More team work and an increase in company moral boosting happiness and well being
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The Positive Effects are Infinite and Timeless

Needless to say, there are many forms of communication and different types of interpersonal/communication skills. However, there is one element that is the underpinning and most important process in any effective communication.

It is the Foundation Stone and Magic that is

People tend to – like and spend their time with, believe in and support, agree with, buy from, be influenced by and recommend people that they are in rapport with. Indeed, most business deals are made on the basis of rapport rather than on technical plus points. Learning to master your rapport skills is an exceptional place to commence your quest to communication excellence.


Professor Bob Bontempo reveals how to enhance your influence through self-awareness. Bontempo is the faculty director of Columbia Business School Executive Education’s “Persuasion: Influencing Without Authority.” Hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations on June 16, 2009, this presentation was part of the School’s third annual Worldwide Alumni Club Event, a celebration of the 38000-strong Columbia Business School alumni network. Between June 4 and 17, more than 40 alumni clubs around the world hosted events ranging from panel discussions and career workshops to intimate dinners and happy hours, with some chapters organizing receptions at the homes of alumni
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