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If you have been following my simple tips on meeting effectiveness, you might be interested in a more detailed list of ideas to improve your meetings.

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Planning effective meetings improves your leadership communication



Do you get frustrated when your time is wasted in meetings? I do, too.

You can improve your meetings and your leadership communication by being a role model for effective meetings. Here are tips to help you become a meeting master.

First, make sure there is a need for the meeting. Is this meeting really necessary, or is it just a habit that we do every month? Could you accomplish the purpose without a meeting?

Next, if a meeting is necessary, determine the purpose of the meeting and make sure everyone knows what it is.

Here are typical meeting purposes:


    “We will use Planning and Decision-making to develop and agree on a work schedule for the new project.”

    Problem solving

      “We will use Problem-solving to recommend actions that will keep us focused on customer service while we move to new offices.”


        “We will use Decision-making to finalize our work on the planned reorganization.”

        Dialogue (no decisions)

          “We will use Dialogue to discuss pending reorganizations of our three departments.”


            “Our purpose is to report on the planned reorganization.”

            Sometimes there are different purposes for different parts of the meeting.

            Your meeting agenda should state clearly the purpose of each agenda item. Don’t just list topics. Here’s an example:

            Meeting agenda

            Jack Pyle: The Face to Face Maximizer


            Leadership communication: Do you share your values?



            I wrote my business vision and values when I created my first business plan more than 20 years ago. Then I forgot about it. Though I didn’t think about it, I lived it.

            Looking at the vision and values recently, I realized the importance of sharing it with others.

            As a leader, do you know what your values are? Do you share them? Do you ask your team members what their values are? It would be a great discussion at team meetings occasionally.

            Share your experiences about your values in the comment section below. Let’s have some dialogue!                         Photo by Jack Pyle


            My vision

            I inspire people to create lives they love in their work, family and community.


            My values


                        I deliver what I promise.


                        I provide high quality service and products.


                        I exceed client expectations.


                        Life is more than work.


                        I value it in me and others.


                        Work and learning is fun.


                        I create long-term relationships.


                        I earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle, allowing me the freedom to serve others.

            Jack Pyle: The Face to Face Maximizer

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