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Common Problems (Business Communication)

Communication plays a big role in an organization between employer and the employee, even though effective business do  not guarantee success in a business set up, its absence will surely lead to problems, this can easily lead t crisis in an organization. However various communication barriers do exist, among them are:

Individual perception

Cultural Barriers and diversity
Cultural barriers are normally at the source of communication challenge. An organization has to explore historical experiences and ways in which different cultural groups relates to one another is key to open channels for cross-cultural communication in any set-up. Organizations have to become more conscious of cultural differences, and also have to explore cultural similarities, this can assist one communicate with others much more effectively. (Pinker, 1997)

Information flood
The structure of communication follow is a crucial issue in how effective business communication is passed on to an audience. It does not matter if the audience is involving one or hundred, good flow is essential if the communication is to be “heard”. Thus a poor flow of your message or delivery is hence a key barrier to effective communication.

Technological changes
Due to current technological advancements there are several medium in which one can use when communicating, however if a wrong medium is selected the message may not reach the intended audience or the audience my not be able to interpret the message. Thus when considering the medium to use when communicating, it is wise to evaluate the percentage of your target audience who are likely to have access to your selected medium at the time you are passing the message. (Pinker, 1997)

Lack of common understanding
Perception; our own preconceived attitudes affects our capability to listen. We normally listen uncritically to individuals of “high status” and dismiss those of “low status”.

Lack of common spirit
When individuals don’t have a common spirit will interpret a particular communication differently, this a definitely a big barrier to communication

Lack of training or experience
Having inefficient knowledge or experience in communication skills, limits one to communicate effectively whether through talking or listening. This thus is a big barrier to communication.

Common Issues (business communication):

People: individual, groups
Centering on ourselves, instead of other persons can lead to confusion and conflict. Some factors that cause this are ego; superiority and defensiveness also hinder effective communication. (Mehrabian and Morton, 1997)

Culture, perception
Culture, background, and prejudice; we permit our previous experiences to alter the meaning of a message. Our culture, bias and background can only be good if they let us use our previous experiences to comprehend something new, but when they change the message meaning then they hamper communication process. (Mehrabian and Morton, 1997)

Channels, information flow
The channel of communication chosen when communicating is critical in ensuring that communication is effective. When some message requires an oral channel other requires writing. Thus if the wrong channel is chosen it will be a barrier to communication.

Environment, network access
Environmental; consist of physical things which can get in our way of communication such as unusual sights, an attractive person, Bright lights, or other stimulus offers potential distraction. (Pinker, 1997)

Need in business communication within the company

The term “organization communication” is normally applied by organizations to mean the process that is used to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge of the organization with its internal and external publics or individuals that have a direct relationship with the organization. Organization communication is usually used within the organization’s internal communication by the managements as share information with the employees’ investors, customers and the organization partners. Such sharing of information builds communication channels and enhances it. (Pinker, 1997) As Mehrabian and Morton (1997) points out business communication in an organization is very vital as a tool of passing out information and instructions to employees in any organization.

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Importance of Cross Cultural Training


In these days when the workplace may contain people from many other countries and cultures, cross cultural training will provide many benefits. When people from different cultures have to interact and make decisions that are mutually satisfying, effective communication can be impeded by their cultural differences.

It is difficult to work out differences when you don’t know what mind-set another person has; nor do they know exactly where you are coming from. Each person comes to the workplace with certain preconceptions and beliefs about others that they may not even be aware of. We cannot help being influenced by our own culture, even if we are not aware of that influence.

Intercultural training helps us to know things about our own culture as well as the cultures of other nationalities that we may not have been aware of. Learning about how each other thinks gives us more confidence in dealing with divisive issues that may surface.

Once we can understand how another person thinks it removes barriers and allows for more open communication, which in turn builds trust. Once trust is established people can work together to make the workplace much more productive. You can use intercultural training as a means of self-analysis to see which areas of your intercommunication with others need to be improved.

An intercultural consultant can be employed to facilitate the process of working together with peoples of all nationalities. Learning about the hidden influences of other cultures gives you a greater understanding of what makes people behave the way they do.

A good intercultural consultant will also help you to develop listening skills and to understand what they hear within the broader framework of nationality. Instead of focussing on negative differences between nationalities it helps you to find common ground with which to overcome sometimes challenging cultural differences.

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Workplace Communication Skills: How to Develop Effective Communication


Workplace communication skills are not acquired in a day but it really needs practice and will to do it from inside. Effective workplace communication not only helps you in saying and expressing yourself correctly but also one of the ladders to grab higher position. Effective workplace communication skills present you and your thoughts as a perfect person for the job. So communicating properly and in a right way is important in every sphere of life. All sorts of jobs these day like doctor jobs, airline jobs or IT jobs need employee who can communicate effectively. These employee also have bright chances of going to higher positions because they can say what is right or wrong in a very effective way.

Organize Your Thoughts

If you are not an organized person then before speaking it is better to manage and organize what your are going to speak. If it is an instant talk then you can speak at slow speed(but it should not be too slow) so that you can work on your thought. But if you have time then it is better to manage your thoughts first. Like you can pen down what you are thinking and then arrange them in an order so that it becomes an effective workplace communication.

Listen and Observe Things

Check the people around you who talk effortlessly and very effectively.  Observe what and how they are presenting their thoughts while speaking to others both professionally and personally. Then ask yourself certain questions based on this whether you are confident enough to present your thoughts and ideas in a similar manner or not. Do not try to copy but find out the difference between and work on the gap.

Do not React Immediately

You are into a conversation and other person is saying something on which your reaction is required. Make sure that you do not interrupt in between the talk. Wait, manage your words and then speak. Think about positive as well as negative points.

Read a Lot

This is absolutely necessary and true that if you have knowledge then you can speak effectively and  so reading should be considered as an important and effective workplace communication skill. By reading quality articles not only related to your job but also on other issues will help you a lot in gaining knowledge on diverse  topics. Therefore after regular reading you will have so many things and thoughts to share.

Be Confident

It is your first time when you will be facing the audience while delivering a speech. You are nervous, which is obvious. But apart from this you will have to be confident. Think about all the positive points and person you think has a positive influence on your life. This will give boost to your confidence.

Have Right Body Language

Now you have all the above mentioned qualities but this one is missing. It means that you are destroying all other things as it is an icing on the cake. You body language must be parallel to your communication and this is also considered as an effective workplace communication skill. Maintain the right posture and stiff shoulders to show that you are ready for the conversation. At workplace never sit in a relaxed way.

Have a Good Command on the Language

Now which so ever language you are using to converse in the office you must have command over that. Make sure to have good vocabulary and ways to frame and re-frame the sentences in various ways.

Apart from this make your personality very appealing for good workplace communication skills. By following all these you can really improve your communication skills at workplace.

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