Seven Key Elements to Gaining Trust from Your Client


Building trust and rapport with your client is the critical first step you must take before discussing business. Let’s look at how we can achieve this.

Firstly what is trust? Can we define it? Is there a formula or guidelines we can follow? How do you get your client to trust you? Is it as simple as asking them to trust you or do you have to earn their trust in you? Let’s have a look at 7 crucial trust-based values you will need to focus on:

1. Appreciation
Be appreciative of their time and acknowledge them for giving you the opportunity to discuss business.

2. Connection
Become their friend and learn what it is you can do to maintain a good connection with them.

3. Reliability
The more reliable and dependable you are, the more your client will realise they can count on you and ultimately trust you.

4. Consistency
Being consistent and predictable is also a good quality. Humans are creatures of habit and therefore respond positively to consistent action.

5. Integrity
Maintain a high level of integrity and confidentiality about your client. Don’t gossip about them to others.
6. Humour
Use a healthy sense of humour and natural, light-hearted approach to ease the client during tense or stressful situations. Business can take on a serious slant, so it’s important to balance the experience for your client (and indeed yourself) so it is enjoyable and fun.

7. Respect
Respecting their specific knowledge of their particular business and respecting their needs is critical. Build the rapport by asking them questions, extracting their knowledge. Do not assume you know everything – you may learn something from them.

Article Author: Mark Coburn

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