How to Establish Effective Communication Between Employees and Management?


Today, most of the employers find it really hard to establish good communication between them and their employees. Although most of the people think that this is almost impossible, I can assure you that if you put some effort, you will run your company a lot better. Here are some really useful tips, which I hope will help you in this endevor:

First, when you are making some changes in your company, make sure that you will spend some time and explain to your employees why and how are the things supposed to happen. Remember that the key to effective communication between employees and management is to present your employees with all the information that they require for the company.

Another key for effective communication between employees and management is to give all the information on time. For example, if you are making some major changes at your company, which will cause you to fire a couple of your employees, make sure that you will tell them on time, because that way you will gain the trust of your remaining employees.

Make sure that you will communicate with your employees continuously, because that way you will learn first all the new information about them. If you manage to share all the information that is troubling you with your employees, they will be able to help you. Make sure that you will take your employees as friends, because that is the main thing if you want to establish effective communication between employees and management.

The truly effective communication between employees and management depends on how the management can help the employees get in their role. That way they will be aware of all the problems that they might concern them, like for example the current financial status of your company, the competition and the organization. There are many other things that you should share with your employees and I can assure you that they will understand you, when you have to make some changes at your organization.

When there are negative news, make sure that you will not tell your employees how you feel. For example if you tell them that they would love the changes that you will make, but fire a couple of them, you will provoke only negative emotions. Furthermore, those emotions have direct effect on the way your company will function. Remember that the key to establish effective communication between employees and management is to respect their emotions and avoid trying to replace them with your ones.

The effective communication between employees and management is one of the main things that will help your business to grow. You will also make your employees to feel like they are actually a part of the company, but not just people, who spend some time there. I can assure you that if you manage to make your employees, friends, you will make the whole working process a lot easier.

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Workplace Communication – The Importance of Management and Employees Understanding Each Other


It is an accepted truth that good workplace communication is of increasing importance in today's world. 

Workplace communication between management and employees, between individual employees, and even within the management team can easily come under strain through a lack of good communication skills.

The Need for Management and Employees to Communicate: 

This article will concentrate on highlighting the need of proper workplace communication between members of the management team and the companies employees, although the same basic principles could easily be extended to most other areas of communication .

It is of critical importance that managers employ good workplace communication when dealing with all company employees of whatever level. Distrust of managers is very often the result of an employees unwarranted suspicion of a managers actions.

Rumours concerning dismissals, redundancies, wage freezes, and similar occurrences are never very far below the surface in any workplace, and it can only take one incident for the entire company to erupt.

A Practical Example: 

To take a real life example of how these things can so easily occur.

A company was having cash flow problems due to difficult trading conditions. It was decided that it was not going to be possible to give the employees a pay rise that year. It was only a few weeks later that one of the company directors arrived for work in a brand new Jaguar motor car purchased for him by the company.

The resulting antagonism, and in some cases outright hostility displayed towards that manager are easy to imagine.

The manager attempted to use all of his skills to explain the situation. He attempted to play it down and mentioned that the car had been arranged for him long before, when the trading conditions were much better for the company. He then went on to explain that although the car was an expensive Jaguar car, it was really only a Ford Mondeo with a fancy name.

These explanations of his were not able to satisfy any of his employees, and that situation is still remembered today, several years later.

Your Response?

Now I want you to think about that situation. I am not going to attempt to provide all the answers in this article. I want to encourage you to think about your workplace communication skills, and decide how you would have handled that situation, would you have used a different explanation?

The answer you decide on will depend both on your own personality, and on the employees that you have to work with.

I hope that by encouraging you to focus on your workplace communication skills for a few minutes, this article may help you to become a better manager, and one who communicates better with your company employees.

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