I wrote my business vision and values when I created my first business plan more than 20 years ago. Then I forgot about it. Though I didn’t think about it, I lived it.

Looking at the vision and values recently, I realized the importance of sharing it with others.

As a leader, do you know what your values are? Do you share them? Do you ask your team members what their values are? It would be a great discussion at team meetings occasionally.

Share your experiences about your values in the comment section below. Let’s have some dialogue!                         Photo by Jack Pyle


My vision

I inspire people to create lives they love in their work, family and community.


My values


            I deliver what I promise.


            I provide high quality service and products.


            I exceed client expectations.


            Life is more than work.


            I value it in me and others.


            Work and learning is fun.


            I create long-term relationships.


            I earn enough for a comfortable lifestyle, allowing me the freedom to serve others.

Jack Pyle: The Face to Face Maximizer