DISC Behavioural Types in Meetings


When we consider the DISC behavioural types in the context of meetings, what happens? What’s the attitude of each type and what are they expecting from the meeting?

Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • The D type may be thinking that the meeting is a chance to delegate tasks and get commitment from others. They will like to be leading the meeting and setting the tone for what needs to happen from a goal-orientated point of view.
  • The I type may see the meetings as an opportunity to interact with others to fill their social need.
  • The S type will most probably be thinking that the meeting is an opportunity to get some direction and find out more about what they need to do to help the business. They’ll tend to be the ones “following the leader”.
  • The C type is most likely to see the meeting as a way to ensure everything is under control and that the business or project is on track. During the meeting they may also question things if they need more information.

The question is, what can you do with this information? Can you use it to increase your awareness of your work peers?

Article Author: Mark Coburn


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