Differences In Japanese And British Business Culture


When doing business in a foreign country it is always vital to understand differences in culture. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and allows development of positive and long-lasting business relationships. Knowing the differences in business etiquette between British and Japanese culture could be what lands you a lucrative contract or a lucrative new job. While Japanese businesspeople understand that you will not understand all of their culture and business etiquette they will notice and appreciate your genuine efforts.


The Japanese generally do business based on personal relationships. Being introduced by a person who has a good relationship with the company is very helpful. You may be given a small trial to prove yourself. Even if this request is non-profitable, completing it quickly and well helps develop a long-term relationship.

Gift Giving

Gifts are very important in Japanese culture. Always give a small gift at the end of a meeting to the most senior member. Consult with a Japanese person on an appropriate gift. Many flowers such as camellias are associated with death and potted plants encourage sickness. If you receive a gift, do not open it in the presence of the giver.

Business Meetings

Meetings should be arranged by telephone well in advance. Punctuality is imperative. Seating is arranged with the most junior member nearest the door and the most senior furthest away. Do not be surprised if meetings contain several people, even if you thought it would be a one-on-one meeting. You will be expected to have a document containing information about your company, testimonials from customers and other companies and newspaper or magazine articles. It is best to come to a meeting with your best offer, as this is what will be expected.


Consensus and group decision-making is the norm in Japanese culture. Questions should be phrased in such a way that even negative answers can be given with a yes. For example “Do you think this is a bad idea?” rather than “Do you agree?”. Japanese businesspeople may be silent while considering issues and may close their eyes while listening carefully. Confrontational negotiation styles such as raised voices or anger will be frowned upon. Contracts are generally broad with room for re-negotiation and flexibility rather than rigid and point-by-point. However, written contracts are always expected.

Business Dress

Japanese business culture is quite conservative and avant-garde fashions will not be appreciated. Conservative business dress is always appropriate in Japan, especially for women. Suits should be dark-coloured without flashy accessories.

Business Cards

Business cards are very important in Japanese culture and you should always have a ready supply. The quality of your business cards and their condition is highly important also. When you receive a business card examine it carefully and treat it with respect. After meetings, place received business cards in a special case. Investing in business cards written in Japanese is a gesture of goodwill that will be appreciated. Give and receive business cards in both your hands and with a small bow.

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Business Etiquette – Gestures to Learn while Dealing with the China Importers and Exporters


The China manufacturers, exporters and importers are gradually taking over world business. The Chinese exporters have significantly added to the country’s economy and made it the third largest exporting country in whole world. Success of import and export business of China is not a mere coincidence. In fact, the entire story of the success was carefully planned by the economic analyst. The latest trade statistics clearly indicate that the China imports exports trade is fast becoming an important revenue generator for the country. Almost everyone trading in the international market platform today wants to pursue business links with China.

But when you trade with China, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. To start a business with the China importers and exporters, you should consider that unlike your local suppliers, the China manufacturers and buyers have a different approach and attitude towards the business. Trading with China, you will have to be more courteous and gentle in your behavior in order to impress them. Try to leave a good impression on the potential suppliers in your first meeting. Following are some of the business etiquettes that you can follow to impress your suppliers:

While trading with the China manufacturers and exporters always dress up formally. Men should wear formal clothes and shoes while going for meetings. The Chinese people judge others by their dressing sense, dress code plays a vital role for impressing them. Women should not wear any revealing clothes or high heeled shoes. The Chinese like formally dressed people and they might get the wrong impression if you wear revealing or informal clothes. 

The Chinese people value time more than anything else. If you arrive late for a meeting, you will definitely leave a wrong impression on the trader. According to the belief of the Chinese people if you respect the people you are dealing with, you will do your best to be on time or at an earlier time. Therefore, while trading with them always be punctual.

They feel offensive if you try to be too close with them. They value courteous and well mannered people who give importance to their cultures and customs. Avoid physical contact with the opposite sex. An unlikely movement like a non-committal elbow brush may turn off the trader. Also, do not move your hands very often for gesturing things.

Remember that the Chinese traders are worth the effort for learning these behavioral skills. Indulging in trade with the China importers and exporters will definitely help you earn you huge profits. Also, make sure that you have a China trade analysis report handy with you before taking you decisions about what to export or import from China. Infodrive India is a premier online database directory that provides China imports and exports database, which can help you to find the supplier or buyer in China.
Article Author: Jayden William

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People’s Personality Styles by Color … Part 1


The key  to your success  is how well you learn how to deal with people.

There are 4 basic types of personality styles and you may fall into several areas, but one style will be more dominate than the others.

If you can learn to master these styles and understand the different behavioral types and adjust your style, you will be on your way to becoming a conversation specialist.

What do you mean, Carl? Well, before I explain how to adjust your style let me tell you about the four colors:


Someone with a red style is a person with a driver personality. They are focused on the task at hand and are not detail oriented. “Just get it done!” might be something they would say. Most of them are direct, demanding and tend to take action. Reds are determined and they have a lot of confidence. They can be very competitive and have a bottom line personality.


A blue style will be more interactive. They love people and are very friendly. At a party most of the people are around a blue person because they are probably telling a story or inspiring someone. Blues are outgoing, emotional talkers and love to have fun.


If you want a loyal friend, find a yellow type person because they are dependable. They want to be a part of the team. “What can I do to help out?” would be a question they would ask or they will be the one to raise their hand when you need a volunteer to help out. Yellows are very stable and are good listeners. They are sensitive, but very supportive.


I am a red and most (I said most, not all) reds are married to greens or yellows. Greens are analytical, detail oriented people. A green will read Consumer Car Report back issues for three months before they buy a car. They are cautious and do not want to make the wrong choice. They want to know what the numbers say, do all the numbers add up on a deal, where is the data and the proof. They will not show their emotions readily. They want to see if it really works that way or if it is just a lot of hype.

To get some practice, study the colors and see if you can identify some of your family members and friend’s most dominant color. Now, if you want to become a conversation specialist, take some time to learn to adjust to the different behavioral styles. I must admit, this was and still is the hardest part of the conversation I have to focus on.

Learn how to deal with different styles. Stay tuned in for part 2 and get ready my friend to take your business to the next level!!!
Start utilizing part of the personality styles  and you will be on your way to building relationships with people you meet. To get more information on how to take your business to the next level, visit Carl “The Encourager” Randolph’s blog.

Author: Carl Randolph

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