Did you know the average American changes jobs every two years?  Retail employees spend even less time at their job.  No wonder so many people have so much personal stress!

So what’s going on?  Employers are constantly striving to cut expenses to increase revenue, employees are working harder without additional compensation, and stress in the workplace is on the rampage.  Meanwhile, consumers are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the customer service they receive from companies.

When employees leave work each day, what type of experience are they taking home with them?  Stress?

In a perfect world, or I guess I should say, in “Workplace Utopian” world,  we find the best employee and give them the best workplace experience.  In turn, the employee gives the company their most creative ideas, their utmost loyalty, dedication to customers, and a great attitude.

Believe it or not, there are a few companies out there who believe in giving their employees a good workplace experience, and needless to say, most are Fortune 500 companies.

If Workplace Utopia was a real working environment, we could satisfy basic human needs within the workplace.  The needs of dignity and purpose are good examples of basic human needs.

Management could include the opinions and ideas of employees concerning new programs.  Not only would this make the employee feel their opinions and ideas are important, the management has just satisfied their dignity and purpose needs.  Including employees in decisions like these make them feel as if they are members of something good–the company.

How about if the revenue of the company was increased while making the employees happier in their workplace?  Research has shown that companies with good communication have higher profits than those who don’t.

In Workplace Utopia, we could use cell phones, email, texting, not to mention landlines, post-it notes, and all the options from Google, to have better communication.  After all, lack of communication is a big pet peeve with employees.

If communication was better in the workplace, employees could stay in the loop about upcoming changes or new developments and not have to rely on company gossip.

Communication…What a concept!

Let’s wrap up our “Workplace Utopia” idea by removing all the de-motivators from the workplace.  We will remove lack of clear expectations first so the employee will know exactly what is expected of him, which will eliminate stress and frustration and the employee can feel like a winner and have more self-confidence.

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Then we will remove some of the control management has over the employee’s work, since studies have shown that the more control an employee has over their work, the harder they will work.  This will also make the employee feel more self-confident.

And lastly, let’s remove all doubts of anyone feeling unappreciated and that way no employee will have the “why bother” attitude.  Management will appreciate and recognize each employee for their individual skills and talents, as well as their mistakes, which will make them feel the need to be more creative and innovative.

Now that we have de-stressed the work place, employees can create more revenue for the company, since a happy employee is a productive employee.  Once the employer increases revenues, he could actually pay his employees what they are worth.  More money would lessen the stress for many employees.

I think we are finished now.  We have not only conquered stress in the workplace, we have conquered personal stress for employees.  We have basically defeated two problems with one solution!

So how come more companies don’t adopt the “Utopia” attitude?  Maybe they like the added expense of replacing good employees every few years.  I wonder if they know that “help wanted” ads are expensive and employee training will cost them even more.  Probably not.

Perhaps, a lot of employers don’t like acting like Fortune 500 Companies.  But then again, if they don’t act like successful people, they don’t have to worry about becoming successful.  Good idea … maybe not.

Or, maybe these employers have a fear of success.  With success comes more responsibilities and obligations.  Bad move.

I give up.  There is no sane answer as to why more employers don’t create a Workplace Utopia.  It should be a “no brainer.”  Quality and content employees do generate more revenue for their company.  It’s a win/win situation.

Article Author: Donna Graham writes articles about people and small business.  Visit her at careerlifeattitudes.com

Article Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_1497884_24.html

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