Here are some useful business communication tips to bolster your communication skills so you can effectively engage your business contacts, prospects and customers:

1. Personal Preferences

Do a little homework on their preferences. Preferably, make a chart about them and store it on the computer. When they call, bring this chart up if you don’t remember about them right away.

2. Market via a Proposal

A proposal markets your personal skills. A proposal does market the skills of the author. Quite simply – the quality and content of the proposal, indicates to the client the quality of work that you and your company can do. If important segments are left-out, if key issues are ignored, if the proposal is packed with grammar and spelling errors, what does this say about the quality of work. It makes the client realize you don’t pay attention to detail, so why should you win the project?

3. Persist with Working Together

Business relationships that last have both parties investing in each other. They communicate when something isn’t working, they understand that relationships take work and that you can’t throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

4. Embrace the FEAR

And as you may already know FEAR is also an acronym for: false evidence appearing real. Fear keeps many people at the sidelines. It holds back their interactions with others. It stifles their ability to share ideas. It’s healthy to embrace some fear and work through it, as it’s likely to bring a positive outcome if you give it your best effort.

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5. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm ignites from that passion, and makes you sparkle. People love that! Enthusiasm is contagious, so they fire up some good feelings of their own.

Final Thought

Now you’ve got some basic ingredients for a productive interpersonal communication, it’s time to put them into action. Good luck.

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