Stress totally increases for you when you feel the nerve-racking process of trying to deal with difficult people.  Such difficult and distressing people are surprisingly skillful at being capable of pushing all your emotional and psychological buttons.  You find yourself feeling frustrated, angry and very distressed. So how do you remain calm and composed when communicating with very difficult people?  Here is a great stress management and stress relief plan using 4 vital steps to being calm with difficult people.

STRESS STRATEGY 1  – To Remain Calm for Stress Management

Stress Strategy 1 is to remember that remaining calm is very important when you are dealing with people.  It is especially important in handling those aggravating and frustrating people.  These people have the ability to really push your buttons.  After all that is why you find them so difficult.  But when you are calm, cool and collected you are able to remain unemotional and think more clearly.  So always strive to remain calm.  This is never easy and you do not always achieve this goal.  But always make it your first stress strategy.

STRESS STRATEGY 2 – To Walk for Stress Relief

Stress Strategy 2 is to remove yourself from the situation.  Do you find that your stress levels are rising and you are becoming very stressed when communicating with certain difficult people?  Then excuse yourself and actually walk away and come back later.  Your purpose in removing yourself is to give you the time and space to calm yourself down.  So you can then go back and resume communicating with this person.  Go for a quick walk around the block or go to the restroom.  Whatever it takes to give you the space and time to compose yourself.

STRESS STRATEGY 3 – To Practice Assertive Communication

Stress Strategy 3 is to practice using your assertive communication.  When you need to communicate assertively with some other person, it’s really helpful to practice what you would like to say before you say it. Practice in the mirror at home staying composed and speaking very calmly. You would like to be clear about what you would like to say and rehearsing ahead can aid you to be concise and clear when you really have to speak to this person.

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STRESS STRATEGY 4 – To Change Your Communication Patterns

Stress Strategy 4 is to be persistent and determined to change your communication with difficult people.  Be determined to remain calm in their presence.  Continue to walk away when you have to do so to regain your composure.  Be persistent in using assertive communication.  In a calm voice, repeat many times, what you need to say to them and how you require them to communicate with you in the future.

Will Stress and Difficult People Disappear?

So when you use this 4 step plan, does this mean that you will find stress relief and that people will no longer be difficult?  Of course not, that is just be too much to hope for.  But it does mean is that you are changing your communication pattern with these people and eventually they will need to change how they communicate with you.

You have a very simple but very powerful 4 step stress strategy plan.  This will help you remain cool, calm and collected when dealing with difficult people that cause you stress.

Article Author:   Dr Judy Esmond

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