Four MORE Ways To Show Your Veterinary Team Members That You Care


Last month we told you about a clinic owner that had instituted measures to continually show that she cared for her employees.  Here are more.  Tell us about yours.

Favorite foods.  This clinic owner knows that food is often a way to communicate.  When she hires, she asks her new employee to name his or her favorite food.  It’s put on a list on the kitchen refrigerator and honored at birthday time – or some other time when special recognition is due.

Grief counseling. The staff of 20 employees experienced the untimely death of one of their young colleagues.  The owner took the time to bring all of the staff members together to enable them to express their grief.  And, although she felt that each of them had good support systems, she invited a grief counselor to come to the clinic to be available to staff.  The presence of the grief counselor was not what counted.  What counted was that the owner cared enough to offer support.

Employee of the Month.  This clinic owner knows that recognition is a positive motivator. It even means finding ways to recognize weak employees.  One day one of her techs timidly mentioned to the clinic manager that one of the vets didn’t have as many tech assistants as she should.  Upon examination, the manager found that to be true and thanked her for speaking up.  She was recognized for her action that month as the Employee of the Month.  What a difference it made. She became a star employee!

A candy bar for your mistakes.  The owner became aware that staff members were afraid to admit their mistakes.  After devoting a staff meeting to the importance of admitting mistakes as the first step to learning and preventing the mistake in the future, the owner instituted a “reward” system.  If staff members admitted their mistake, she said, “Thanks for the information.  Go get yourself a candy bar from the basket.”  It was amazing how the aura of fear began to vanish.  Mistakes got talked about and handled.

Tell us about the ways you show that you care for your team members.

All for now,
Drs. Carolyn Shadle and John Meyer

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